Saturday, 3 June 2017

MobileMagic: the sat here waiting for approval edition...

Why Messengers Are Changing Everything. From the lovely people at We Are Social UK. Includes a chap talking about messengers in a video.

Another edition of this thing where I link to a tweet. In this tweet you can sign up to the BBC’s election chatbot.  "#GE2017 geek or rookie? Try out the latest version of our Facebook Messenger election bot.

A Face-to-Face Request Is 34 Times More Successful than an Email. Which could be why (as Mobilisation Lab suggests) ‘personal’ text based services like Hustle do well… And why it’s better to CALL PEOPLE rather than just email them...

How Google Docs Became a Key Tool for Social Justice. We all love a good Google Doc. Some of them are changing the world.

Apps crucial to Generation Z donations, survey finds. Articles like this send some people in our sector into a spin. So don’t share them on social media. OK, share them. 😐

M+R Benchmarks: Online metrics for nonprofits. This M+R Benchmark report is all the awesome. A great place to satisfy your numbers geekery.

Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer. A great article on how the computer is disappearing.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Compassion, tolerance & respect for others...

I love this story on so many levels.

Whenever I've been to Sicily or the south of Italy in the last few years, the refugee and migrant crisis is a very visible thing. But I'm always struck by the generosity of the local community.

Left alone, without the toxic influence of fear mongering, self serving politicians they do what human beings do the world over.

They show compassion, tolerance and respect for others. And they make room in their communities for other human beings.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

MobileMagic: the election special (there will be more)...

2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report. A lot of global non profit facts and stats for you to get your geek on.

2016 Presidential Election SMS – Top 10 Most Frequently Used Words. Trump’s SMS messages included the word Trump. A lot.

"Social media has always been a major #mobile category, but now accounts for nearly a third of all mobile minutes.”  I do digital. And I’m sending you a link to a tweet. It doesn’t get better than this.

Syrian History Is Unfolding on WhatsApp. I think Ali sent me this. It’s beautiful. Have a read.

A bunch of Open staff are creating a campaign to encourage 18-24 year olds to register to vote in the forthcoming election. The campaign is non-partisan much to my horror. Anyway - we’re running a crowdfunder to raise some money for a paid social budget to promote the film. Please consider a small donation, we will love you for ever. Link here. I’d love it if you could share with your friends and colleagues.

All previous editions of MobileMagic are archived here if you want to find an old one.